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Evert Tennis Academy Summer Camps


Summer Kickoff Tournament at the Evert Tennis Academy

22nd & 23rd

UTR 3+
All Age Categories
60$ Entry Fee
Entry link:
Register at:



Summer Grand Prix at the Evert Tennis Academy

18th & 19th

UTR 3+
All Age Categories
60$ Entry Fee



Summer Open at the Evert Tennis Academy

8th & 9th

UTR 3+
All Age Categories
60$ Entry Fee

Need more information? Please call at 561-488-2001. To register your child, please complete the Summer Tennis Camp Registration Packet.

All Registration Forms can be e-mailed to They can also be faxed at 561-488-2055.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the Evert Tennis Academy unique amongst other academies in the industry?

    Evert Tennis Academy is different by design. Most notably, it is smaller, more intimate, and offers a family environment. Our program is designed to take an individualized approach to helping each student-athlete achieve his/her goals. This is accomplished through small student/coach ratios (4:1 or less) along with the attitude that coaching should be a cooperative effort. All of our full time high-performance coaches and directors also work with our campers and short-time players.

  • How does the Evert Academy determine a players skill level so they are paired up with the appropriate groupings and match play?

    Our coaches assess all the new players first thing on Monday morning. The coaches also meet twice a day to move around the groups and insure that the players are in the correct group. We want everyone's experience to be maximized both in group play and match play. 

  • How should a player prepare for the heat in Florida before and during their stay?

    The Florida heat in the summer is not much different than most places in the US. However, we recommend that you drink plenty of fluids before and during your stay in Florida, wear light colored clothes, bring a hat and put sunscreen on.  Coaches will regularly take breaks and remind players to drink water and electrolyte drinks which we offer in the pro shop.

  • What is the contingency plan for rain?

    If weather prohibits playing tennis, we will move around the schedule and start with indoor programs such as Mental Conditioning, Fitness and Video Analysis then we will get back on court. Florida weather tends to move quickly so we work with the coaching staff to dry the courts quickly and be ready to play when the courts are safe again.

  • What do players do when they are not playing tennis?

    The Evert Academy provides boarders with a variety of activities during their stay. You can find the full schedule if you click HERE.  We also have ping-pong, foos-ball, free wifi and television for students on campus.

  • How are injuries, re-habilitation, and medical illnesses handled? What medical services are offered?

    When it comes to injuries, the majority are basic ‘overuse’ issues (too much tennis, etc.), our Director of Strength and Conditioning, will evaluate athletes with these minor issues, and treat them with basic ‘rest/ice/rehab’. In the event of a more serious injury (i.e. a player twisting their ankle or a prolonged ‘overuse’ pain), we immediately schedule an appointment with a top orthopedic doctor. We always inform the parents throughout the whole process and will accommodate their choice of physicians if they have their own. Tina Dale, Director of Student Services, schedules the appointment with the appropriate physician, assists in completing the proper paperwork and arranging transportation to the appointment for boarding students.

  • How is supervision and safety monitored in the dorms for boarding students?

    The dormitory is supervised at all times by Evert staff. The dormitory is equipped with an alarm and security system including surveillance cameras throughout the common areas.

  • How many kids per room in the dorms, how do you match up roommates and can I request a roommate(s)?

    We have up to 4 players per room. Girls and boys are separated at all times in the dorms and roommates are determined by age and other different criteria. The Director of Student Services, Tina Dale, will accommodate all roommate requests. 

  • How much spending pocket money should a boarder bring with them?

    A personal account may be opened for each student with cash, check or a credit card payment. Based on past history, an amount of approximately $125 per week is adequate for personal spending. Additional money may be deposited at any time. Withdrawals from the account may be done during posted hours. If a credit card is used, “Transportation/Student Bank Form” must be completed. Prior to departure student may withdraw all money remaining in account.

  • Do you provide high performance pre-tournament training?

    Yes, in fact we are one of the top academies in the country focusing on high performance training.  You would have the opportunity to work alongside our full time students and other short time students as they prepare for national level USTA tournaments, UTR and ITF tournaments.  

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