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At Evert Tennis Academy we know that Sports Massage Therapy is an integral part of our student's athletic regimen. Our Goal is for our athletes to reach their highest potential by keeping muscles, joints and tendons working properly and preventing injuries.

Anita O'Brien has been a Massage Therapist for over 15 years.  She has worked with professional and junior athletes. Anita can be reached at 954-829-7027 or 561-488-2001.

License Massage Therapist MA/Esthetician 

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Our Yoga Program is overseen and taught by Mary Evert, John Evert’s Wife.  When Mary’s high school and collegiate swimming career ended over 10 years ago, she decided it was time to learn to exercise her body in a new way.  Mary attempted to do the standard cardio & weight lifting program, but found yoga best suited to fulfill her exercise needs. 

In 2009, Mary attained her RYT 200 Hour Vinyasa Teaching Certification from Yoga South in Boca Raton.  In addition to working at Evert Tennis Academy, Mary also teaches at Hot Yoga of Delray and  works privately with all levels of yogis:  from professional athletes to beginners.

Yoga is extremely beneficial for athletes.  At the Evert Tennis Academy, yoga classes are designed specifically for the tennis athlete.  Asanas (poses) are sequenced in order to strengthen, elongate, open the body and therefore providing balance to the whole body.  Creating this balance of the physical body, the athlete is better able to avoid injuries due to the repetitive overuse of certain “tennis” muscles and joints.

Along with the physical benefits, yoga also deepens the mind-body connection through the practice of conscious breathing techniques.  With conscious breathing the athlete is able to stay calm, centered, and focused inward.  Staying “in the moment” comes more naturally as distractions become less important. These learned skills are advantageous in match play when players become unfocused and frustrated.  As a teacher, it is with joy and gratitude that Mary bears witness to the transformative power of yoga.  

If you would like further information regarding the Yoga program, please contact us at 561-488-2001


The academy provides a stringing service. Our stringer, Rick Cannan, has worked with the Evert Tennis Academy for over 15 years. 

Stringing prices:

Regular Service - $20
Regular service means that the racket will be ready the next day. If the racket is turned in in the morning, the racket will be ready the next morning. The same rule apply when the racket is turned in the afternoon 

ER Service - $25
ER Service means that the racket can be ready the same day that the racket is turned in. 

During tournaments, the stringing prices and services may vary.

For more information about strining, please contact us at 561-488-2001

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Video Analysis

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We offer different video packages depending on what your needs are. 

1. Live Video Evaluation: ($350)

It will be done during a 30-minute lesson with your developmental coach or your coach of preference. The video will cover your forehand, backhand, serve and volleys. Your personal coach will also give you 3 to 5 corrections or exercises that you need work on. This live video evaluation is the most popular because you will take home all the tips you learned during your time spent at the Evert Tennis Academy in an electronic format.

2. Match Play Video: ($175)

A player's true strength and weaknesses only become evident during match play. Research show that players do not always do what they think they are doing in competition and that coaches are not always correct in their post-match assessment as to why a match is won or lost. The match will be filmed from two different angles of the court - one elevated and one from behind the player - so you can see what you need to work on and improve.

3. Match Analytics: ($375)

A match will be filmed and charted while analyzing key performance indicators.These highlights are uploaded to a private online collection which will allow players and coaches to look for important moments during the match. All the information will help to objectively determine what needs to be improved.Each match includes a Match Report with all statistics and key performance indicators. This report can be used to easily identify the important match-defining areas that need to be analyzed. It will also include the Online Search Parameters below: Winners/Errors Return + 1% and Placement Score Serve + 1% and Placement Aces/Double fault & more!

4. College Recruitment Video: ($375 for Full Time Players and $425 for Short Time Players)

It is for collegiate coaches who require an understanding of a potential student’s tactical, physical and technical abilities. All strokes are filmed from various angles on-court. A handful of fitness tests are recorded to show the player’s physical abilities. A match play video from two angles is also included - one elevated and one from behind the player. You will receive three videos – a short version consolidated video and one video for each of the two angles.

5. Dartfish Technical Analysis: ($350 - only available during Summer Camp)

Dartfish allows an athlete to see a key positions analysis of your serve, forehand, backhand and volleys with highlighted techniques and movements using a blend of drawing and measurement tools. You will also get a side-by-side analysis with a tennis professional like Roger Federer with specific visual and auditory comments on each stroke from an Evert coach.

If you are interested, please contact Coach Jacob at or call at 561-488-2001

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Academic tutoring

Lara Behrmann is the President of Get That Grade Tutoring. She has been working with students at the Evert Tennis Academy since 2006. Lara works with students on all subjects. Get That Grade Tutoring has a firm philosophy that tutoring should not be a crutch or hindrance, but rather a tool to get the student to where they need to be in order to work confidently on their own. We encourage questions, exploration, conventional, and alternate means of tutoring, as every child tends to learn differently.

Get That Grade Tutoring offers tutoring for all levels of academics, from Pre-k through college level. We offer test prep tutoring, as well as life, behavioral, English, Languages, and social skills classes for special needs students. Their tutors are able to work with students struggling with time management and organization, as well as specific issues with their academics. We also provide summer lessons and classes for “next grade” readiness and English as a Second Language. We follow the FSA guidelines, as well as the EOC curriculums to make sure we are preparing the students for the upcoming year.

Click at this link for more information about our English Classes during Summer Camps

Please feel free to visit their website at or their facebook page at You can also contact Lara directly at or at 561-213-5027

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