Evert Tennis camp Mission


Chrissie, John and their father Jimmy established the Evert Tennis Academy in 1996 in Boca Raton, Florida. The Evert Tennis Academy quickly became, and continues to be, the home to countless national and international junior players, best college players and some of the world’s finest pros. By combining the experience of a champion with world-class coaching, cutting-edge training methods and premier facilities the Evert Tennis Academy is able to offer unrivaled programs for players of all ages and abilities.


Our mission is to develop collegiate and professional tennis players, while building well-rounded student-athletes. Our family-oriented environment encourages players to reach their goals by embracing daily challenges on the court, in the classroom, and during competition.


John and Chrissie continue their father’s coaching legacy by instilling four core values: Excellence, Resilience, Integrity and Leadership.

“Our core values are the roadmap to coaching all student-athletes toward reaching their full potential.” – John Evert

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Excellence:  Evert Tennis Academy players are motivated in the pursuit of excellence.  Every aspect of our program is designed to foster an environment where student-athletes strive to reach their personal best.

Resilience: On court practices, strength and conditioning sessions, academic classes, and competition constantly stretch players out of their comfort zones. Facing adversity allows players to overcome temporary setbacks and is key to building resilience in competition and in life.

Integrity: Evert Tennis Academy players are held to a high ethical standard. Student-athletes are constantly encouraged to achieve competitive goals without compromising their most important core values.

Leadership: Leaders are positive role models who have a profound influence on other student athletes.  Student-athletes at the Evert Tennis Academy are encouraged to set an example by inspiring other players to reach their maximum potential.