Holiday Tennis Camps

Camp Options

The Developmental Program includes a 1 hour private lesson with one of our high-performance coach, 2 hours of group lessons (1 coach and up to 4 students per court) and one session of fitness in the morning, lunch at our cafeteria and 2 hours of match play in the afternoon. 

8:00AM-8:15AM – Warm-up for 1st rotation of Developmentals

8:15AM-9.15AM – 1st Developmental Rotation

9:00AM-9:15AM – Warm-up for 2nd rotation of Developmentals

9:15AM-10:15AM – 2nd Developmental Rotation

10:15AM-11:15AM –1 hour of drilling in a group

11:15AM-12:00PM – Fitness

11:30AM-1:00PM – Lunch

1:00PM-1:15PM – Warm-up

1:15PM-3:15PM – Match Play


We have different start times and rotations for this program. Could start as early at 7AM for boarders depending on the numbers of people who sign up

*Lunch is included. The schedule may vary depending on which Holiday Camp your child is interested in. Ask us about it!

The Full Day Program includes 4 hours of tennis, 2 hours of drilling in a group (1 coach and up to 4 students per court) and one session of fitness in the morning, lunch at our cafeteria and 2 hours of match play in the afternoon.


9:00AM-9:15AM – Warm-up

9:15AM-10:15AM – 1st hour of drilling in a group

10:15AM-11:15AM – 2nd hour of drilling in a group

11:15AM-12:00PM – Fitness

12:00PM-1:00PM – Lunch

1:00PM-1:15PM – Warm-up

1:15PM-3:15PM – Match Play


*Lunch is included. The schedule may vary depending on which Holiday Camp your child is interested in. Ask us about it!

The Half-Day Program for Non-Boarders only includes 2 hours of drilling in a group setting (1 coach and up to 4 students per court) and one session of fitness.


9:00AM-9:15AM – Warm-up

9:15AM-10:15AM – 1st hour of drilling in a group

10:15AM-11:15AM – 2nd hour of drilling in a group

11:15AM-12:00PM – Fitness

*The schedule may vary depending on which Holiday Camp your child is interested in. Ask us about it!

Programs & Pricing

Holiday Tennis Camps (Spring Break, Thanksgiving & Winter Break)

Boarding vs Non-Boarding

Boarding Program Schedule

  • Check-in is Sunday between 3:00PM-5:00PM 
  • Check-out is Saturday between 8AM and 11AM. 
  • 3 Meals per day
  • Accomodations 
  • Supervision 24/7 
  • 5 days of program
  • Evening & Weekend (if stay is multiple weeks) activities include tournaments, the beach, pool, movies, malls, sport events and much more! 

Upen check-in at the Evert Tennis Academy, each student is assigned a room. Plane tickets, passport, all medication and important documents must be handed in for safe-keeping during the student's stay. A daily schedule will be given to each student at check-in. Orientation for students is held after dinner on Sunday evening. All rules and regulations are covered and student's questions are answered.

Boarding students age 18 and younger enrolled in the Academy, Weekly or Camp programs, stay in a three-story dormitory.  Each dorm room houses up to four students during summer sessions.  There is a bathroom between each pair of rooms which is professionally cleaned on a weekly basis.  Boys and girls are housed on separate floors in the dorms. 

All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with wireless internet access. Each floor has security cameras and counselor rooms.  On the first floor of the dormitory, there is the cafeteria, lounge, laundry room, and a student common area.  The Student Services staff regularly inspects rooms, bathrooms and common areas several times every day to ensure appropriate living conditions.  Boarding students eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our Cafeteria.  To satisfy appetites from varied backgrounds and cultures, Evert Tennis Academy provides an ample range of cuisine and multiple nutritional selections for each meal. We accommodate for allergies, please ask us about it. 

Airport Transportation
The Evert Tennis Academy conveniently provides one on one airport transportation for our boarding students, for a fee (subject to change), to all three area international airports:
(PBI) West Palm Beach (40 minutes)
(FLL) Fort Lauderdale (40 minutes)
(MIA) Miami International (55 minutes)
All transportation coordination is handled directly through the academy making it stress-free and easy for you. Please contact us at 561-488- 2001 for more information.



  • Check-in is on Monday 15 minutes prior the Start Time. A Evert staff member will contact you on the Friday prior arrival to let you know about the Start Time.
  • Program ends Friday at 3:30PM or at 5:00PM depending on the schedule.
  • Lunch - Monday-Friday 
  • 5 days of program

Need more information? Please call at 561-488-2001 and ask for Edmee or e-mail her at To register your child, please complete the Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Holiday Winter Camps Packet

All Registration Forms can be e-mailed to or They can also be faxed at 561-488-2055.

*Please note that there is no boarding during the Winter Holiday Camps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your Academy Program only designed for students pursuing a career on the pro tour?

    Absolutely not. The vast majority of our students do not go on to play pro tennis (although many have competed on tour). Most use their tennis aptitude as a vehicle to earn a college scholarship. Evert Tennis Academy Academy students are immensely passionate about the game and their families have committed to providing them with the opportunity to maximize their potential and to pursue their dreams.

  • What is the contingency plan for rain?

    There will be an additional Mental/Strength & Conditioning Session – whichever is not included in the day.

  • How are injuries, re-habilitation, and medical illnesses handled? What medical services are offered?

    When it comes to injuries, the majority are basic ‘overuse’ issues (too much tennis, etc.), our Director of Strength and Conditioning, will evaluate athletes with these minor issues, and treat them with basic ‘rest/ice/rehab’. In the event of a more serious injury (i.e. a player twisting their ankle or a prolonged ‘overuse’ pain), we immediately schedule an appointment with a top orthopedic doctor. We always inform the parents throughout the whole process and will accommodate their choice of physicians if they have their own. Tina Dale, Director of Student Services, schedules the appointment with the appropriate physician, assists in completing the proper paperwork and arranging transportation to the appointment for boarding students.

  • How is supervision and safety monitored in the dorms for boarding students?

    The dormitory is supervised at all times by Evert staff. The dormitory is equipped with an alarm and security system including surveillance cameras throughout the common areas.

  • What makes the Evert Tennis Academy unique amongst other academies in the industry?

    Evert Tennis Academy is different by design. Most notably, it is smaller, more intimate, and offers a family environment. Our program is designed to take an individualized approach to helping each student-athlete achieve his/her goals. This is accomplished through small student/coach ratios (4:1 or less) along with the attitude that coaching should be a cooperative effort.

  • Do all students, regardless of age, lift weights?

    No. Actual weight training is not recommended for athletes younger than 13. However, resistance training (i.e. bands, pool, medicine balls, own body weight, skipping rope) is incorporated into these students’ program. Evert Tennis Academy believes strength training is important to prevent injuries.

  • What is Mental Conditioning and how can it help my tennis game?

    Success in tennis is not a matter of chance, it involves a conscious effort requiring both knowledge and commitment. Likewise, achievement in sport is not entirely physical, technical, or strategic, it is often more mental than the other three components. The purpose of our mental conditioning program is to assist in a variety of areas including, but certainly not limited to; Motivation, Focus/Attention, Awareness, Confidence, Discipline, Intensity, Composure, Self-Esteem, Perspective, Communication, Time Management, Continuous Improvement, Life Skills, Developing and Maintaining Professional Relationships and Enhancing Sport Enjoyment! Click here for more information on Mental Conditioning.

  • What is Chris Evert’s Role?

    Chris is very involved with all Academy aspects. She plays an important role in instilling Evert Tennis Academy's philosophy. When on campus she enjoys coaching, hitting with the students, and consulting with general Academy operations.

  • Will I (or my child) get to meet her?

    Evert Tennis Academy can never guarantee that Chris will be at the Academy on any given day. She is extremely busy raising her three children and attending to her charity organization, Chris Evert Charities. However, she is involved in running the Academy and generally visits three days a week from September through June.

  • What is John Evert’s involvement?

    John is Evert Tennis Academy's Executive Director and Director of Player Development. He is at the Academy on a full-time basis and is the catalyst for Evert's growth and prosperity. His vision is responsible for making Evert Tennis Academy the world's finest Academy. While working for International Management Group (IMG), he was responsible for creating coaching systems for world-class players that ensured they received the proper resources and guidance to maximize their potential. In addition, he served as sports agent for clients like Jennifer Capriati, Zina Garrison, Lori McNeil, and sister Chris. His charismatic personality and unique insight makes him a tremendous coach. His tenure with IMG makes him a valuable resource for elite players as they struggle with the business issues pertaining to the pro tour. He has structured the Academy around the philosophy that; "today's players need skill-specific training. To accomplish this requires small ratios and the attitude that each player must be treated individually. It is my belief that all players have their own style and are motivated differently; that coaching is a cooperative effort."