At the Evert Tennis Academy, our Mission is to develop collegiate and professional tennis players, while building well-rounded student-athletes by teaching life skills through sport. Our family-oriented environment encourages players to reach their goals by embracing daily challenges on the court, in the classroom, and in competition.



John and Chrissie set out to continue their father’s legacy 22 years ago by instilling among others four core values: Excellence, Resilience, Integrity and Leadership. The family tradition has been a commitment to excellence in developing both outstanding tennis players and leaders.

“Our core values are the roadmap to coaching every student-athlete towards reaching their full potential.” – John Evert

Excellence: Evert Tennis Academy players are inspired to give their best effort every day in creating a better version of themselves. Every aspect of the Evert Tennis Academy is designed to demonstrate to the Evert Tennis Academy student-athletes the difference between average and excellent both in athletic performance and in ethical conduct.

Resilience: At the Evert Tennis Academy players face challenges daily. On court practices, strength and conditioning sessions, academic classes, and competitive events constantly stretch players out of their comfort zone. Facing these adversities players experience gratifying successes and temporary setbacks. Overcoming these setbacks is the key to build resilience in competition and in life.

Integrity: Evert Tennis Academy players are held to high ethical standard. They are constantly encouraged to achieve their competitive goals without compromising their most important values. Honesty, honor and tolerance are at the base of a positive environment in which everyone can feel safe and appreciated.

Leadership: Everyone at the Evert Tennis Academy is asked not just to give his or her best but also to inspire everyone else to do the same. Players understand that their attitude and behaviors have a profound influence on the surrounding players and atmosphere and they are encouraged to be positive role models for their peers on and off the court.