Evert Tennis Academy hosts a fully accredited, NCAA-approved, college preparatory high school on campus to meet the unique challenges of student-athletes who require anytime, anywhere learning.  K12 International Academy at ETA integrates an online educational environment with a rigorous, traditional high school curriculum that meets and exceeds state and national standards. NCAA approval of K12 IA courses allows a smooth eligibility process for the potential collegiate student athlete.  For more information, please visit K12 at K12 International Academy

Think of it as the virtual one-room schoolhouse of the 21st Century…
Student athletes from grades 6-12, working individually and in small groups.  A 12th grader taking part in a Class Connect session in Honors British Literature.  Across the room, a high school student helping a middle-schooler solve an equation, and two girls working in the conference room on a Physics acceleration lab.  Meanwhile, there are a dozen students quietly working on their own courses.  This is a typical school session at the K12 International Academy at ETA. 

A typical day for our students will have them training for 5 hours and in the classroom for 4.5-5 hours, including evening school.  It is a long day with many distractions, so the time spent in “class” has to be maximized.  Having an educator in the classroom to give the feel of a “home room” offers the student- athletes support similar to that in a traditional school environment.  Our hybrid program combines the benefits of the rich and diverse K12 at ETA curriculum with the support, guidance, and sense of community and affiliation one feels in a conventional classroom.  Instead of feeling like “home schoolers”, our students have the support of their on-site coordinator in addition to their teachers and advisors.  The on-site teacher can step in and assist with internet and computer problems, serve as Learning Coach for middle school students, help students organize and plan their work, and create and implement pace and recovery plans.  Another benefit is the ability to assist our student-athletes remotely, whether they are at a tournament in Georgia or in the main draw of the Australian Open!

The added value of our flexible program is that it blends the best of both the traditional classroom with the flexibility and mobility of the virtual one.  Many of our parents are unfamiliar and skeptical of the validity, value, and effectiveness of virtual education.  By providing a hybrid of the two, we can smoothly and comfortably ease our prospective parents into accepting, and ultimately embracing, our K12 International Academy experience.

K12 Daily School Schedule

Group # 1

7 am – 9 am

1 pm – 2:30 pm

7:15 pm – 8:45 pm – Study Hall

Group # 2

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

1 pm – 2:30 pm

7:15 pm – 8:45 pm – Study Hall

*Tuition for K12 International Academy at ETA and Boca Preparatory is NOT included in ETA’s tuition.