Provided that students maintain a solid grade point average, Boca Preparatory School offers the required flexibility needed by our student-athletes.  This private institution is across the street from the academy and belongs to an international group of schools known as the SEK International Institution.  For more info call: 561-852-1410 or visit Boca Preparatory online at:

Click here for the Boca Preparatory Information Letter.

Boca Preparatory  
7:00AM-10:00AM Warm-Up – Conditioning/Strength Training, Drilling Technical Training
10:30AM-2:30PM Boca Preparatory (lunch at Boca Prep)
2:45PM-3:00PM Warm-Up
3:00PM-5:00PM Match Play, Drilling-Tactical Training and Stretching, Cool Down, Mental Conditioning (Based on Assigned Group Schedule)
5:30PM-6:15PM Dinner (Boarding Students)
7:00PM-9:00PM Study Hall (Boarding Students)
10:30PM Room Check/Lights out
*Tuition for K12 International Academy at ETA and Boca Preparatory is NOT included in ETA’s tuition.